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Green Box Rental's eco-friendly reusable plastic moving boxes. View Dimensions

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"The boxes are amazing! They are strong and most importantly, they stack so perfectly, both empty and full." - Dana L, Toronto Read More Testimonials

Green Box Mission

Our mission is to provide relocating businesses and residences with an authentic and genuine earth friendly packing and moving alternative that will save time, money and our Planet.

Triple Negative

When you pack and move with a new or used cardboard boxes it's a triple negative. It's bad for the ecology, for the environment, and for our economy! Read More...

Plastic Moving Boxes

Renting eco-friendly, reusable Green Box plastic moving boxes is cheaper, faster and easier than using new or used cardboard boxes. Read More...

Cut The Waste

When 20 per cent of Canadians pack and move each year, we generate massive quantities of waste which ends up in a landfill. Read More...

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